Dean. Creative, Cheerful, Footy, Foody, Music, Game, and Movie and Serie lover. Studied at the crossroads of art, marketing, and computer science to create great work for agencies and clients. I'm a Motion & Digital Designer and this is some of my work:


Create captivating, visually appealing, and engaging animated content. Bring characters, objects, and scenes to life.

Digital Design

Create aesthetic digital products. Designing websites, mobile apps, user interfaces, logos, and other digital assets.


Develop and maintain a strong brand identity that includes elements such as a logo, color palette, typography, and visual style.

UX Design

Create digital products, such as websites and mobile applications, that provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.


Develop and execute creative concepts that effectively communicate the message and values of the client's brand.


Combining creativity and marketing to develop an effective marketing campaigns and strategies that engage and convert target audiences.

Long story short

Dean, sr. Motion & Digital Designer currently employed at Product League, has an extensive professional background in the industry. He has previously worked  at the Goede Doelen Loterijen (National Postcode Loterij, VriendenLoterij, BankGiro Loterij, Stichting DOEN and Novamedia) for 5 years, and prior to that, he worked for 6.5 years at FHV BBDO. In addition to his full-time positions, Dean has also worked as a freelancer under the name Deanamisch for over 12 years. He graduated from HKU with a Bachelor of Image, Media and Technology, and has been working in the industry ever since.

The full story

Once upon a time, it was obvious that Dean was destined for something related to drawing. He originally had his sights set on becoming an architect, but after giving it some extra thought, he decided to become an animator instead.

His journey in animation began with short animations in Macromedia Flash 4, which he specialized in during his studies at the Graphic Lyceum Amsterdam. He soon became a pro at creating animated banners, Flash websites, and animations.

As he progressed in his studies, he became interested in video, which led to his specialization in Adobe After Effects. This, in turn, piqued his interest in sound and music, which led him to become an expert in Audacity and Audition.

Deanamisch has worked with a wide range of brands, including big names such as; Jumbo • Schiphol • Eneco • Blackberry • Cordaid • Cruesli • De Nederlandse Bank • Douwe Egberts • Eurostar • Hi • Freedent • Interpolis • Lays • M&Ms • Mars • Mercedes-Benz • monster • Procter & Gamble • Pedigree • Pepsi • Pink Ribbon • Robeco • Shell • Snickers • SNS Bank • The Economist • Twix • Vente-Exclusive • WSPA • Zilveren Kruis • Philips • RTV Utrecht • KICI • Gall & Gall • Arla • Connecting People.

However, due to a lack of well-buttered sandwiches at the time, Dean opted for a permanent job, which eventually led him to Proximity Amsterdam and then to FHV BBDO after 2 years.

After spending 6.5 years at FHV BBDO, Dean decided to switch things up and moved to the “customer side” at De Nationale Postcode Loterij, where he introduced the added value of moving images in emails and on social media. After creating a true Motion department and contributing to many successful campaigns, Dean was ready for his next challenge: Product League, where he currently serves as the Brand Guardian and Marketeer.